We are AMATA, an elite training staff for aspiring high school athletes. AMATA offers some of the greatest athletes Colorado has produced so that aspiring athletes can improve athleticism. All this is to provide opportunities to allow young individuals reach any goal they envision for themselves. Where else can you train with current Colorado Olympians and professional athletes that have not only trained, but studied under elite international coaches?

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Speed is the foundation for sports, a skill that must be developed with the proper guidance. AMATA offers excellent guidance in the realm of speed development for athletes ranging from middle-school athletes and onto post-collegiate athletes looking to further their dreams. Programs can be tailored to compliment your athlete’s sports during their off season.

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Colorado offers a variety of coaches that specializes in speed development. Discover what makes AMATA special and determine if our program is the right fit for your young developing athlete. We pride ourselves on being great mentors for the athlete; there would be zero need for a coach if there were no athletes. So as coaches, the dynamics of the coach and athlete relationship is what will bring success to any developing student.