AMATA Track & Field


Competitive Track & Field (Middle School – High School ages)




Competitive Programs are AMATA’s premier option for growing, learning, and developing into amazing individuals in sport, particularly track & field. The program is designed to improve athlete speed and explosiveness through the knowledge and use of proper body mechanics and movement. Athletes benefit from education workshops and access to qualified and trusted physical therapists. This serves to be a great compliment in maintaining fitness level and skills needed to gain competitive advantage.

AMATA also serves as a guide to aid in the college search by providing guidance and detailed services in contacting collegiate programs around the country. The program will actively assess athletes and connect the aspiring individual to the proper collegiate program that best fits their needs athletically, academically, and financially.


Competitive program is broken up into four (4) separate seasons

  • Fall Training (September – December)
    • Fall training, also known as the pre-season for serious track athletes, serves as a solid base training protocol, equipping the athlete for the season ahead. It can also serve as a good base program for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge for their own specialized sport. Speed development, general strength, conditioning, running mechanics are all the focus during this period.
  • Indoor Program (December – February)
    • The indoor program starts the competitive season, with track competitions around the state beginning in January, with a national caliber meet to end the season. The indoor program builds on the foundation developed throughout the fall training cycle, with more focus event specific themes.
  • Spring Training (March – May)
    • Spring training runs concurrent to the High School track season. To maintain elite guidance, athletes pair coaching provided by AMATA with the management of their respective school training. Many athletes may choose to supplement all of their training with AMATA instead of their high school coaches in order to maintain the improvements made through fall and indoor training. Having a coach who knows the athlete throughout the year can aid the substantiating techniques needed for high-level performance, while also providing a better guidance in injury prevention.
  • Outdoor Program (May – August)
    • A continuation of the competitive season, where athletes compete in USA Track & Field meets, as well as AAU Junior Olympic competitions around the state. Athletes will look to qualify for regional meets and even nationals during this time period, a process that allows for better scouting by collegiate coaches.

Workouts are held three (3) times a week, with detailed programs that athletes will do on their own throughout the week. The program will introduce the athlete to proper running mechanics as well as weight room workouts to build strength and better health.


Fees DO NOT include athlete’s USATF Membership ($30 yr), AAU Membership ($25 year), entry fees for meets or travel expenses for out-of-state competitions.

Cost Breakdown

  • We at AMATA value the importance of providing opportunities and not limiting those options. We understand, through personal experiences, that there were limiting factors that could leave great individuals with nothing. So we run strictly off of donations, no matter how great or small the contribution. Average value of a Colorado track team is equaled to $500 per season/cycle.
  • A donation must be made prior to each season (Fall, Indoor, Spring, Outdoor) before the athlete can start practices.

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