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The primary objective of AMATA is to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages. A variety of programs are offered for any skill level, that will aid in the development of any aspiring athlete. Depending on the age/skill level, AMATA offers a variety of speed-based training programs that will enhance the athleticism of any individual.


Specialized Training

The Individualized Training Program is designed for athletes of all sports looking to improve athletic movement with a one-on-one focus from our specialized coaches. Athletes will benefit from the education workshops, core strengthening, muscular endurance and body movement awareness provided by our staff.

Post-Collegiate Training

This option is for adult athletes looking to compete at local and national track meets, as well as current collegiate athletes back home from school looking to maintain fitness and get specialized training programs. Training programs will be developed for each individual athletes to either do with a local group or on their own time depending on availability.

WHO: Current Collegiate athletes-Young Adults

AREAS OF FOCUS: Sprints, Jumps, Mid-Distance

AMATA Track & Field

This option is for athletes looking to join a competitive track team, competing on local, state, regional, and national levels.

WHO: Students in grades 7th-12th


  • Sprints: 60m-400m
  • Hurdles: 60m-400m hurldes
  • Distance: 800m-Mile
  • Jumps: Long, Triple, High, Pole Vault
  • Throws: Shot, Discus, Javelin