The Individualized Training Program is designed for athletes of all sports looking to improve athletic movement with a one-on-one focus from our specialized coaches. Athletes will benefit from the education workshops, core strengthening, muscular endurance and body movement awareness provided by our staff. A solid foundation of technical coaching will be provided to aid the progress in their athletic career. This is a great way to complement your athlete’s primary sport, maintain their fitness level and give them a competitive edge.


The Development Program is offered any time of the year. Our coaches are experienced in developing better mechanics, including:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Jumping Events for track & field
  • Pole Vault training
  • Hurdle technique for Track & Field
  • Acceleration Development
  • Maximum velocity training
  • Explosive movement (Vertical and horizontal movement)
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Overall speed
  • Reaction Time


  • One session (1 hour): $60
  • Bronze Package (5 sessions): $270
  • Silver Package (10 sessions): $480
  • Gold Package (15 sessions): $630

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