AMATA boasts one of the most elite coaching staff in Colorado Track & Field. However, that is not to be mistaken as the most intimidating staff. With the credentials ranging from two-time Olympians, NCAA All-Americans, and even Juris Doctorate candidates, AMATA prides itself most on being Colorado raised, looking to enrich the tradition of Colorado talent and showcasing it on a national and even global level.

Jeremy Dodson

Director of Athletics

  • Two-time Olympian
  • Four-time Division 1 All-American
    • 2006 Freshman NCAA National Champion
    • Two-Time All-SEC Team (University of Arkansas)
    • 12-Time All-Big 12 Team (University of Colorado)
  • 2005 Gatorade Colorado Athlete of the Year
    • Colorado All-State 200m Record Holder (200m)

Elyse Massone

Programs Director

  • Two-Time Gold medalist Women’s National Mountain Bike Championships
  • U19 Pole Vault National Qualifier (Canada)
  • Volunteer Pole Vault Coach  (Mesa State Community College)
  • Toured with Still Water Music Group