Summer Speed Training 2021

June 14 – August 16 2021

Location: (Denver Tech Center, Parker)

Ages: Middle School – Adult


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What Is The Program?

With the pandemic hopefully falling behind us, AMATA Sports believe that our general well-being is critical at this moment, and what better way to help cope and deal with matters than through physical activity and exercise! We want to promote the importance of community during this crisis by offering a time to escape our everyday worries and challenge our bodies and minds through physical training all summer.

AMATA Sports Summer program offers an opportunity for all ages to train like a sprinter, developing athletic skills as well as pushing mental boundaries. The program offers the option to just train throughout the week with our community, or the option to train and test your skills in summer USATF competitions.


The AMATA Sports Summer program will train three (3) times a week at different locations each day. The initial schedule goes as follows (but is always subject to change):

  • Monday: Wallace Park (Denver Tech Center) 10-11am
  • Wednesday: Lutheran High School (Parker, CO) 10-11am
  • Friday: Lutheran High School (Parker, CO) 10-11am


The cost for the summer of speed training is $150, and $300 for those who wish to train and compete. Once registered, an invoice will be sent to be paid by credit card. Or you can bring cash or check to the first practice (payable to: AMATA Sports).

AMATA Sports is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, making all payments and donations tax-exempt. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes or would like to donate, please email us for more information!

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