Summer of Speed

May 28 – July 19

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (5:15-6:45p)

Lutheran High School

11249 Newlin Gulch Blvd., Parker CO 80134

Ages: Middle School and Up

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What Is The Program?

-8 week intense summer speed and power program. This one program will consist of 3 tailored sub programs aimed to serve explosive speed, track speed, and endurance speed.

Who Is This Summer Program For?

-Anyone ages 12-50+ looking to seriously improve speed and power for their prospective sport.

-Anyone ages 12-50+ looking to participate in summer track and field (optional)

What Is The Cost?


(Includes *specific program gear, insurance, access to video analysis via “Coaches Eye”, personal data reports, professional coaching from Olympic athletes)

How Summer Program works?

“Participant Chooses Program”


1.P1– (ideal for multi sport athletes who aim to gain more power /explosiveness in short distances of 0-60 meters)

2.P2– (ideal for athletes whose main focus is track and field and run distances of 100-400 meters)

3.P3– (ideal for endurance athletes aiming to gain speed in distances of 800-1600 meters)

Each program will have 3 tested events/zones that our summer directors keep track of your progress on within the 8 weeks.

Tested Events/Zones

(P1)Athletes will train to improve over the duration of the program in:

-Event/Zone 1= 40 yard dash

-Event/Zone 2=Flying 30

-Event/Zone 3= Kinogram analysis.

(P2)Athletes will train to improve over the duration of the program in:

-Event/Zone 1=100m time trial

-Event/Zone 2=200m time trial

-Event/Zone 3=Broken 400m.

(P3)Athletes will train to improve over the duration of the program in:

-Event/Zone 1=400m time trial

-Event/Zone 2=8x200m

-Event/Zone 3= 800m time trial

What are Zones?

 Zone 1=(Speed Development)

Zone 2=(Maximum Velocity)

 Zone 3=(Speed Maintenance)

(3 Zones within each program/tested event)

Weekly Practice Breakdown (Tentative)

 (Week 1)

5/28-Tue=Zone 1 Testing,

5/29-Th=Zone 2 Testing,

5/31-Fri=Zone 3 Testing

(Week 2,3,4)

6/3,10,17-Mon=Zone 1 Training,

6/4,11,18-Tue=Zone 2 Training,

6/6,13,20-Th=Zone 3 Training

(Week 5= “Week of Truth”)

6/24-Mon=Zone 1 Testing #2

6/25-Tue=Zone 2 Testing #2

6/27-Th=Zone 3 Testing #2

(Week 6&7)

7/1,8-Mon=Zone 1 Training

7/2,9-Tue=Zone 2 Training

7/4,11-No Training “Independence day”

(Week 8= Farewell Week)

7/15-Mon-Zone 1 Testing #3

7/16-Tue-Zone 2 Testing #3

7/18-Th-Zone 3 Testing #3


Level Of Commitment Required?

Wanna be great? (High=20-23 sessions)

Wanna be average? (Moderate=15 sessions)

Wanna stay the same and waste mom and dads money? (Low= <10 sessions)

Summer Track Meets?

-All participants of the program will have the option to compete in all track meets under club team AMATA club # 32-0467

-Track practices/meets are all integrated in to the summer program


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