Named after a series of ancillary lifts developed by Dan Pfaff, these lifts are meant to develop better trunk stability through a simplified routine. Such exercises are meant to develop foundation strength needed first to perform highly specialized training routines needed for different sports. It is through the introduction of highly specific movements where injury can occur, if such foundation strength is not first established. As the athlete acquires more efficient postures during very simple motor tasks we find the more advanced skills evolve at a quicker rate and that long term repetitive injury patterns decrease and even erased.


  • Over-Head Trunk Twist
  • Over-Head Trunk Lean
  • Shoulder Trunk Twist
  • Shoulder Trunk Lean
  • Anterior Trunk Twist
  • Posterior Trunk Twist

Key Points:

These exercises can be done with with various amount of weight. The athlete must first display better range of motion and stability before increasing weight.

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