Dribbles are used for a variety of reasons. A primary function of dribbles are to promote great lower body mechanics as athletes focus on striking the ground in optimal positions, activating the proper pull of the hamstring-glute complex. These drills can be used as a variation of max velocity cadence drill, as well as an acceleration awareness drill. Dribbles can also be used as a supplement to running due to injuries.


  • Full foot contact, meaning the foot drives down to the ground with the heel, rolling from the heel to toe to propel the athlete forward.
  • The fluidity of the knee joint must be in correlation to the height of the limbs (meaning that as the foot comes close to the ground, the knee joint does not remain rigid, but opens in a fluid manner to allow a proper lever when striking the ground)
  • Hip height remains constant (meaning the hips do not bounce up and down, but move forward in a smooth manner, as if drawing a straight line across the screen)
  • Arms reflect the height of the foot (small arm swing when small steps; large arm swing with larger steps)
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