A series of isometric holds with the purpose to serve as a warm up protocol before a weight-room session. The focus of the exercises is to hold a functional position for a prescribed amount of time, with limbs constantly performing a movement, whether it is turning the feet inwards or pulling the palms away from the body.


  • Foundation Pose: Toes are turned slightly inwards with a very small bend of the knees. The chest is dropped with the elbows right alongside the ears, promoting a big stretch through the back of the leg, as well as throughout the spine.
  • Iso Squat: Toes are turned slightly outwards, pushing the elbows inside the knees, dropping the hips low, creating a straight line from the tail-bone onto the crown of the head.
  • Acceleration Pose: a straight line from the heel of the back leg, following through the head as the palms are constantly stretching away from the body. The front shin angle should be aggressive, having the knee slightly over the toes with the shin angles matching that of the back shin.
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