This Warm Up is typically done to target the mobility of the hip joint. The name is derived from the Altis Jumps crew, as this was their primary warm up before general workouts. Sprinters would use this warm up when either coming off of injuries to prevent high impact, or on general strength days, where regeneration was the key focus.


  • A Skip
  • B Skip
  • Backwards Walk
  • Backwards Skip
  • Lateral Walk
  • Lateral Cross
  • Lateral Karaoke
  • Dribbles (over ankle)
  • Dribbles (over calf)
  • Dribbles (over knee)
  • A-Run
  • Straight-Legged Bounds
  • Bent-Legged Bounds
  • Alternating Fast Leg
  • A-Run Bleeds


  • Full foot contact (no scooting on the toes)
  • Posture (tall and sturdy)
  • Lateral Walks (hips stay facing forward, no twisting)
  • Soft ground contact, learning to push through the ground
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