Developing general strength is a key component for the success of developmental athletes. Through the introduction of event/sport specific movements, athletes can endure a high level of injury patterns if foundation strength is not developed. AS the athlete learns to better perform simple exercises with efficient posture, they become better established to perform more advanced skills at a rate that is faster, while enduring less injuries in the long run.

These exercises are typically done 2-3 times a week at the conclusion of a track session. These exercises can also be done on recovery/regeneration days where the main focus will be on this routine.


  • Under-Hand Forward Toss (UHF)
  • Over-Head Backward Toss (OHB)
  • Hop + Under-Hand Forward Toss
  • Hop + Over-Head Backward Toss
  • Kneeling Lateral Toss
  • MB Sit Up Toss
  • Kneeling Over-Head Forward Toss
  • Single-Leg Chest Pass
  • Single-Leg Lateral Toss
  • Standing Over-Head Toss
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