This is a multiple jump or plyometric based series whereby the athlete does various jumping skills using various amplitudes of flight and very specific wavelengths in terms of distance covered. Typically done at the end of a session, the length usually ranges from about 15-20 meters for each exercise. Rudiment is used for a variety of reasons including:

  • develop proper amortization of ankle, knee and hip
  • used to better elastic endurance
  • develop proper foot contact
  • develop better vertical force production


  • Double Leg Backwards
  • Double Leg Forward
  • Single Leg Backwards
  • Single Leg Lateral
  • Left-Left, Right-Right Combos

Focus Points:

  • The aim is to develop better vertical force, so tendencies should be focused on jumping up, rather than out.
  • Proper foot contact is always enforced, meaning foot lands flat with the ankle dorsi-flexed, with restraint drawn away from landing toes first.
  • The jumps are meant to be initiated by the hips and not the ankles, so height of the jumps should be very moderate, allowing all joints to spring simultaneously.
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