Sprint drills are typically done at the conclusion of the warm up routine, as a means to provide positional context needed to be reached during the main workout.


  • A-Walk
  • A-Replacement (quick switch initiated by the stance leg)
  • A-Double Skips (3 contacts on the stance leg before switching)
  • A-Stick Triple (3 A-Runs with a pause on the 3rd step)
  • A-Run (piston action, driving the foot directly down with no knee opening)
  • A-Bleeds (piston action starting small and growing as you move forward)


  • Full-Foot Contact (driving down with heel, landing full foot with no bouncing on the toes)
  • High thigh block (bring thigh parallel to the ground with the stance leg strong with no bend in the knees)
  • Posture tall and upright (with no leaning back)
  • Fluid Arm swing
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