The primary objective of AMATA is to provide opportunities for athletes to realize their full potential. We offer a diverse speed-based training curriculum geared to a range of skill levels, which ultimately aid in the development of our athletes in their respective individual sport.

AMATA Track & Field

This option is for athletes looking to join a competitive track team, competing on local, state, regional, and national levels.

WHO: Students in grades 6th-12th


  • Sprints: 60-400m
  • Hurdles: 60-400m hurdles
  • Distance: 800-3200m
  • Jumps: Long, Triple, Pole Vault
  • Throws: Shot, Discus

Specialized Training

AMATA designs catered training program to athletes based on the requirements of their individual sport. This option is ideal for athletes desiring one-on- one instruction to improve specific physical elements such as core strength, muscular endurance, explosiveness, and balance. Athletes will also benefit from our educational workshops, team building activities, and guidance from other high-profile professional athletes that occasionally visit us.

Post Collegiate Training

This option is for adult and masters athletes looking to compete on the local and national stage, as well as, current collegiate athletes on break looking to maintain their fitness level. In either case, this training program will address the needs of experienced or elite-level athletes leveraging the latest equipment, progressive movements, and advanced techniques.

WHO: Current Collegiate Athletes-Young Adults

AREAS OF FOCUS: Sprints, Jumps, Mid-Distance

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