This option is for adult and masters athletes looking to compete on the local and national stage, as well as, current collegiate athletes on break looking to maintain their fitness level. In either case, this training program will address the needs of experienced or elite-level athletes leveraging the latest equipment, progressive movements, and advanced techniques.

WHO: Current Collegiate Athletes-Young Adults

AREAS OF FOCUS: Sprints, Jumps, Mid-Distance

This program is designed for young, up and coming athletes looking to continue their training in a setting that fosters a professional attitude. AMATA is looking to change the norm of what track and field represents in the state of Colorado, as well as around the nation. Track & Field being the most participated sport in the world, there should be no reason why the fun should stop after high school and even college.

Finding the proper training after college is difficult for any athlete that is not fortunate enough to make an international team and/or gain endorsements. AMATA is here to link the gap for those wanting to pursue a dream to run professionally and possibly make it to the Olympics. For those who are just looking to run for fun and stay active, we also are here for you to help you through your journey!

What to Expect

  • Coaching is provided. Jeremy Dodson is two-time Olympian who learned and is directly influenced with the elite training group Altis.
  • Programming will be provided based on each athlete need.
  • Discounted therapy will be offered by participating sponsors around the state.
  • Facility and weigh room will be provided.
  • Athlete education will be provided to help athletes take control of their career.
  • Athletes have the opportunity to get involve in a variety of community service activities.
  • 15-20 available positions in the program.
  • Pricing: A monetary contribution of your choice for the calendar year.
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