AMATA designs catered training program to athletes based on the requirements of their individual sport. This option is ideal for athletes desiring one-on- one instruction to improve specific physical elements such as core strength, muscular endurance, explosiveness, and balance. Athletes will also benefit from our educational workshops, team building activities, and guidance from other high-profile professional athletes that occasionally visit us.


The Development Program is offered any time of the year. Our coaches are experienced in developing better mechanics, including:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Jumping Events for track & field
  • Pole Vault training
  • Hurdle technique for Track & Field
  • Acceleration Development
  • Maximum velocity training
  • Explosive movement (Vertical and horizontal movement)
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Overall speed
  • Reaction Time


  • One session (1 hour): $80
  • Bronze Package (5 sessions): $360
  • Silver Package (10 sessions): $640
  • Gold Package (15 sessions): $84


Specialized Training is currently unavailable at the moment. For individuals looking for fitness and training, please either check out our AMATA Track & Field team, or contact us here.

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